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About Conscious Energy: 

Engineering Abundance Through Open Source Energy and Hydrogen Fusion Technology

Our Mission: Engineering Abundance for a Golden Age of Prosperity


Welcome to Conscious Energy, the world's first Open Source Energy Company. Founded by Diadon Acs, our mission is to "Engineer Abundance" through education, dialogue, research, and development. We are focused on Hydrogen Fusion Technology and LENR (Low Energy Nuclear Reactions or Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions), exploring the frontiers of science to create a better and more sustainable future.



Our Vision: A Community for Change


Conscious Energy is more than a brand; it’s a community of like-minded individuals who believe in making the world a better place. We are committed to researching and developing clean alternative energy systems through a distributed network of organizations and people like you.


Our Purpose: Open Science and Hydrogen Fusion Technology


1. Open Source Energy: We believe in transparency and openness, sharing our findings and research with the world. Our approach to LENR and Hydrogen Fusion Technology is guided by rigorous testing and open science review.

2. Hydrodynamic Star in a Jar: Our groundbreaking research into Hydrogen Fusion Technology has the potential to revolutionize energy production, bringing us into a new golden age.

3. Education and Dialogue: Conscious Energy is dedicated to educating the public and engaging in meaningful dialogue about the future of energy. We offer resources, workshops, and platforms for discussion and collaboration.


Why Choose Conscious Energy?


– Expertise: Led by Diadon Acs, a visionary experimentalist in the field of Hydrogen Fusion Technology with 10 years of experience.

– Integrity: We make no claims until empirically confirmed, adhering to the principles of rigorous testing and open science review.

– Impact: Our work has the potential to transform the energy landscape, contributing to a cleaner and more abundant world.


Join Us in Engineering a Better Future 

Conscious Energy is a beacon of hope and innovation in the pursuit of abundant energy. Our commitment to open science, community engagement, and groundbreaking research sets us apart.


Connect with us to learn more, collaborate, or join our community of innovators. Together, we can create a future filled with energy abundance.


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