Wealth, Unemployment and Side Hustles

What is wealth and how it works- A part of our journey


Wealth is how much a person has in terms of cash, savings and essentially all assets. However, many people use the word wealth in a misconstrued manner. According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, people commonly mistake the word income for wealth. There is an example used where a man makes a lot of money each year and people consider him wealthy. However, after he pays all of his bills and expenses each month, he doesn’t even have enough money to save.  The man has a high income but after he pays his bills and expenses he is not wealthy.  He has run out of money for the month and must work to earn more.

This story reminded me of myself and a situation I am trying to get out of. My husband and I take home more income than the average person. Student loan payments and bills make it hard to save extra money. Things needed to change and fast as student loan interest was building each passing day! We now budget every penny and try to live as frugally as possible. You can follow our debt free journey on Instagram. We would love your support!


What I do to make money in a year including side hustles

I am lucky enough to have found what I love to do in life where I make decent money. I work until the end of August to May each year as a teacher.  In the summer, my side hustle is working at Kiwanis camp, a camp for special needs children and adults to provide extra income. My husband works at a manufacturing job for the last 11 years. Even though it pays well, the environment is not healthy and he needs to get out of it asap. He decided to make a change and has been building a marketing business called CE Marketing Agency.

We are working on our own businesses so that we can have more financial freedom. My husband’s happiness and well being rely on it as well as our children’s future. We would like to teach our children that you can do what makes you happy if you work hard! Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task while trying to maintain a family.

Mt Hood Kiwanis Camp 4th of July 2018

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Side Hustles Galour

I will be teaching English online to children in China. This job is called VipKids and if I stay committed and do well I can make up to $22 an hour. Each class is 30 minutes and pays $8. So If I teach two classes in one hour I will make $16.  In addition, there are $6 incentives making the total amount $22 an hour. To learn more follow this link: https://www.vipkidteachers.com/.



Last year I discovered that I could claim unemployment while I was laid off in the summer! I pay into unemployment during the year for the times when I am out of work. Supplementing our household income during the summer break in between side hustles has helped us maintain our budget. If I was to go to a full-time job during the summer I would have to find childcare.  This would likely cost us as much money as  I could earn with a summer job. Our summer living off of unemployment, my husband’s income and my camp paycheck have brought me a lot of insight.  It was a really tight budget and we somehow still survived a simple beach day trip, 4 birthdays, a few nights out and back to school gear! We lived off of $500-600 less each month than we used to.

Beach Trip!

How did we adjust to losing the extra income?

I have been budgeting our grocery expenses for the past several months. To make our money go further,  we cut our grocery budget by $100-200 a month. Meal planning and shopping when things are on sale have helped us meet this goal. I also decided to not go to as many places as I normally would in the summer to save gas and when I did I packed our food in a cooler to save money. I also cashed in a lot of cans throughout the summer to make extra money.

Birthday menu on a budget

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Back to work

As I head to work I am excited for my first paycheck back! It will be triple what I was making in the summer. This is where I found my biggest insight! If I can live off of what I was living off in the summer, I can start to take the extra money I am making again and apply it towards my emergency savings and debt! I know I will be 100% successful with this as I feel it from deep within my soul. I know I can do this now! Why didn’t I see it as clearly before? I am officially 1000% on a journey of self-development, love, health, wealth and becoming debt free and you don’t wanna miss it!

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