The Number One Marketing Secret is Value

  Today’s marketing Gurus all glorify a very similar rhetoric. In order to establish loyal customers and clients, a business must provide an extraordinary amount of value. What sort of value are these gurus talking about? This is the challenging question that we will examine in this article.

What is Value?  

The Definition of Value is the regard that something is held to deserve; the importance, worth, or usefulness of something. An example would be”your support is of great value”.  Most people agree having money or gold is valuable. However, giving out money to your customer is not the best business model for a successful company. So how does a marketer deliver valuable content when the perception of value is so large?


Value of Humor

One way many companies delivery valuable contents is with humor.  Laughter has the ability to transport people away from the pains in their life.  You can make a lasting impact with humor that can create a moment that people will always remember.

Value of Information

Another incredible way to give people value to ensure trust and loyalty is to offer a wealth of knowledge. Valuable information is something most people appreciate especially in taking the time to teach others and make their life easier.  Using an infographic is a great way to deliver product details or just give the free information that people can use.  This is an important way to present products and educate people on steps they can take to fix the problems they have as a consumer.

Value of Free Stuff

One of, if not the most, powerful tools to deliver value is the art of the giveaway. Giving free stuff away can rapidly grow your fan base and social media engagement.  It is a tactic that can get you a large number of sign-ups, emails, subscriptions, and shares across social media platforms. It’s an amazing tool that should be used sparingly to ensure that it is exclusive and unique. Not to mention easy on your marketing budget too. 😉


I hope you enjoyed this and please feel free to ask any questions you have.  It is said that marketing is a loveless craft. Conscious Energies aims to change that by simply giving value. I actually got deep into marketing from a few books that changed my life.  “The Go-Giver” was one of these books that taught me the power of giving value.

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